The Roots of The Way

The Trail or The Way of St. James, also known as Camino de Santiago, is a series of paths running through the whole of Europe. They cross ancient cities and villages which are now almost forgotten by modern society. The paths lead through time-honoured forests, majestic rivers and roads leading to the edge of the Cantabrian coast.  They all conclude at one place, Santiago de Compostela.

The Way is over 1200 years old, and its history begins in the year of 812, when relics belonging to St. James, a disciple of Christ, were found and recovered. From that moment onwards, the city of Santiago de Compostela has seen and welcomed many influential minds, pilgrims, travelers, scholars, spiritualists and kings. That, in its own way, has had a positive impact on the economy, gastronomy and culture in the surrounding areas.

The most famous way is The French Way, beginning in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. However it doesn’t mean that the rest of them are any less interesting. No matter which path you choose, they all have unique charm and magic as each is so different to the other. Unmatched scenery and beauty await any who wish to endeavor on this journey of self-discovery, conquering the roads on which kings and pilgrims marched upon hundreds of years ago.

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