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What is The Way of St. James?

The Way of St. James is a route in northern Spain that ends in Santiago de Compostela, where the rumored remains of St. James the Apostle are held. Over 200,000 people a year travel The Way, reaching the magnificent cathedral in Santiago.

I’m not religious, is it still for me?

Certainly. While for many this journey is a pilgrimage, for others it’s an excellent way to explore Spain, for historical/cultural reasons, or active tourism.

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Whether you’re traveling the Way of St. James for spiritual reasons, or to actively explore charming Galicia, we’ve got you covered.

You can go the way countless others have, on foot, or you can enjoy the comforts of travel by bike. Choose to travel alone, with friends or family, or in a small guided group.




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On foot

7 days/115 km

Start your trip in charming Sarria, a common starting point for The Way of St. James

In Sarria, go back 800 years at the Church of San Salvador...

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On bike

7 days/263 km

Start your trip in the historic city of Astorga, a former stronghold for the Roman Empire

Another Gaudi-designed building, the Episcopal Palace...

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